Solar Assisted Heat Pumps

Solar Hot Water, Retro-Fit

Solar Assisted Heat Pump, Retro - Fit To Your Hot Water Storage Cylinder


Can Be Roof Or Wall Mounted, Any Orientation


How Does A Solar Hot Water Retro-Fit Work?


Works Day & Night 24/7. Operates Down To -15°C

The thermodynamic panel(s) can be fitted on a roof as well as any wall, facing any direction, vertically or horizontally. They are similar to air-source heat pumps and work like refrigerators in reverse. The panels absorb heat from the atmosphere to convert a liquid refrigerant into a gas. They also benefit from an uplift in energy caused by solar irradiation. That then passes through a compressor – which boosts its temperature – and is used to heat water.

ERP A-rated, the Retrofit utilises thermodynamic principles, exploits state-of-the-art components and incorporates a solar PV ready intelligent controller to deliver the most technologically advanced retro-fit Solar Assisted Heat Pump.

A Retro-Fit Solar Assisted Heat Pump Water Heating system can be retrofitted to any existing cylinder (gravity or unvented).


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Some Benefits Of A Solar Assisted Heat Pump

Solar Assisted Heat Pumps have fewer moving parts. Meaning more reliability and less maintenance compared to a hot water heating system.

Lower Your Energy Bill.

Improve your homes EPC rating and desirability.

Reduces your Carbon Footprint.

Maintenance Free.

UK Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Will Only Cost £80 – £100 a Year To Run! (Used in conjunction with a solar PV array and/or storage battery.)